If you’re working to build the first brand identity for a client, or you’re doing this for your own company, it is important to understand first what a brand is and what it takes to establish one. It is not as simple as giving the company a name and plastering it on everything. Here are some of the reasons and ways to ensure a unique brand identity. 

Why is Brand Identity So Important? 

As the essence of all the company is and does, brand image is vital for the future of your company. Brand identity is important in giving your business a personality. This gives potential clients a more personable feel as well as establishing you as separate from the rest of the more nameless, faceless brands and companies.

The Face of your Business 

Some people consider the logo of your brand as the “face” of your company. The contribution a logo makes to brand recognition is often associative. It tells the public that the image you pick reflects what your company stands for. Although this can be true, logos can change and evolve so we recommend every brand designate a REAL face of their business. This is a real person or people that can be used to develop personal relationships with clients and customers through social media, multimedia and in-person events. People buy from people they like and people they trust. Nobody trusts or likes a personality-less logo. 

Brand Trust 

So you chose your brand name and your logo. It’s time to build authority, credibility and make your company memorable. What are some ways to do this? Get consistent on social media. Showing up every day will keep you top of mind. Whether or not you have the education or credentials is insignificant if you can clearly outline the value you offer to your ideal audience every time you show up. Building a brand is about building perceived value. Be honest, tell your audience what solution your product or service offers and keep saying it. A brand that conveys a clear message, and continuously retains the face of their business over time builds reputation among its rivals and confidence among its customers.

Colour and Type

Creating a palette of colors is a way of strengthening your personality. It gives you the flexibility to create exclusive designs for your company while staying true to your brand identity. This is particularly important if you choose to use Instagram as a social media platform.

While type design of “mix and match” has become quite the trend, this does not mean mixing a handful of fonts is necessarily a good idea for your business. There should be clear use of typography on your logo, on your website, and on any documents that your company produces (print and digital). When you look at Nike’s website and its advertising, it retains the same typeface and design in all facets of the brand.

For millions, if not billions, of companies seeking to make a name for themselves, having a clear brand has become important for companies to stand out from their rivals. Long after you make a sale, your company can leave an impact on your customers. If you are interested in learning more about the importance of and creation of a unique brand identity check us out at wavesdigitalcanada.com