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Here are FIVE RULES to live by on Instagram to grow your brand and increase your exposure!

RULE ONE Always have a plan

We know, Instagram is always in the back of your mind. Is it right for you? Is it right for your business? Are you connecting with the right people? Are you sharing the right content to engage with your followers? We’re here to help! The secret? Planning!

Before you share your post, make sure to ask yourself, “Does this post fully capture my personality or my brand’s personality?”. Each post is a step in developing your digital presence. Your brand and business are designed strategically, and your digital platforms should too.

RULE TWO Show your face

Once a week you need to show your face. Some of you might be camera shy and we TOTALLY get it but it’s super important for people to recognize you and be able to put a face to your Instagram account.

RULE THREE Share your work

Don’t be afraid to share your work. You don’t want your feed to be completely filled with your work but share it intentionally with a purpose or goal.

RULE FOUR Share your work environment

You’re HUMAN and your followers are too! Don’t be afraid of sharing a behind the scenes look of your life, it can be awkward and we get it but more importantly, it allows you to better connect with your followers.

RULE FIVE Captions

Captions, captions, captions… One of the most time-consuming parts of sharing a post is coming up with a caption. If you’re ever stuck ask yourself, “How would I explain this photo to my friend? What would help them understand why it matters?” Your tone of voice should be consistent everywhere the more personal the tone the better.

The 5 Instagram Pillars


How do you want your posts to feel as a whole? it’s not just about the colours. The appearance of your feed will evoke a response from someone scrolls through your feed. What do you want that to be?


There’s more to your brand than your logo, colours, and font. How do people perceive your products and services? Is the tone easily communicated through a scroll on your feed? Make sure every photo and caption embodies the personality of your brand.


Let your creative juices flow! But be consistent! Make sure your images, tone, and writing are consistent. The goal is to have people recognize your post immediately.


You’re more than just your product or service. Your feed shouldn’t be the same thing over, and over, and over again. A simple way of diversifying your feed is choosing five different categories to focus on. Keep your feed diverse, fun, and interesting.


Quality will always trump quantity, especially when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. Make sure every post is the quality someone could expect from you should they hire you or purchase from you!

One Month of Instagrammable Content

We know how hard it can be coming up with your next social post. We wanted to make this month easy for you!