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Pinterest is the most underrated social media platform ever. The truth is its a huge traffic generator when used correctly and can get your content in front of new audiences. Understand that Pinterest is used as a search engine so you can start to think of it in terms of keywords, links etc. Perfecting Pinterest can be daunting at first but with this guide, you’ll be set up and making waves in no time.

Setting Up Your Pinterest


Install Google Analytics immediately. Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about your site’s traffic and measures conversions and sales. You may be surprised about how much Pinterest is doing for you with no effort on your part at all. Install it before you’ve done anything that way you can see how you grow!


Switch to a Business Account. You need a business account in order to take advantage of Pinterest’s analytics feature and apply for rich pins. If you haven’t already, convert your account to a business account, just click “convert now” and follow the instructions on this page:


Apply for Rich Pins. Now that you have a business account, you need to apply for rich pins. A rich pin includes your name, icon and a link to your website when someone pins from your site. This adds credibility to your pins. Here’s how to apply:

First, make sure you have the “Yoast” SEO plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site. Then head over to their “features” tab and make sure the “Advanced settings pages” is enabled, most times this is already enabled.

Next, head over to Pinterest’s rich pins validator at the link below, enter any valid URL from your site and hit “validate”:


Update Your Profile. Let’s get your profile not only bringing in new traffic with keywords but keeping them around to check you out once they arrive on your page. Choose a picture of you for your profile. Showing face will help people see the brains behind the biz so stop hiding behind your logo! Your description should include keywords that tell people what you’re all about and where you’re located. Invite your new followers to interact with you off the app by including a link in your description to an opt-in on your website.


Clean Up Your Pinterest Account! If you already had an account and you are not starting from scratch, rearrange your current boards so that the most important ones are at the top and easy to find. Give preference to:

  1. Boards with links back to your own website
  2. Popular topics your target audience is interested in
  3. Move seasonal boards, current promotions, etc. to the top.

The 80/20 Rule

A lot of times Pinterest confuses first users and you can find yourself asking “how much of my own content should I be pinning vs. other people’s content?”

Your Pinterest page is not about you, it’s about providing a resource to your perfect client and every board and pin needs to be focused on them and their needs. At Waves, we recommend sticking with pinning 80% other people’s content and 20% your own. This will help to build knowledge, trust, and likability. Using this rule will have you perfecting Pinterest in no time!

Pinnable Content Ideas

  • Areas of Interest for your customers
  • Instagram
  • Seasonal Updates
  • Group Boards
  • FAQ
  • How-to articles
  • Your Products

A Basic-Pin Structure

  • Design – Use Canva (it’s SO easy)
  • Keep titles large and simple
  • Vertical
  • High-quality image
  • Make it a rich pin so your website is included
  • Use keywords in your description
  • Include a call to action inviting people off the app and onto your website

Group Boards

Pinning to them exposes your content to everyone following that board. That’s why these are a quick way to grow your following. Collaborating with pinners that have a huge following immediately gives you access to their audience. Every time you pin to that board, their followers see your content.

Finding the Right Group Boards

Perfecting Pinterest requires using all aspects of the product.
Use the site which allows you to filter and sort existing group boards to find ones that might be a good fit.

  1. Many boards have instructions/conditions for joining, so be sure to read the rules before you start pinning.
  2. Don’t forget to think locally if that is your target market! Local pin-boards brings people together and creates a sense of community.
  3. If there isn’t a group board you’re looking for, create one and invite others to participate! You’ll have others contributing content to your boards which saves you time and energy.