Connect With Waves!

Although LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine it is also a place where 260 million users dwell per month, all old enough to assume buying power and autonomy. It’s the most used platform amongst Fortune 500 companies
and of the 2 billion Millenials there are global, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn. Just think about why people go on linkedIn. They go to look for jobs, yes, but they also go to brag about their accomplishments and to revel in other people’s successes. So it’s time for you to be there in all your glory and tell them your story, and become a LinkedIn legend.

Think about LinkedIn as a place where it is acceptable to brag about all of your successes in public.

Setting up your LinkedIn page


Fill out your profile completely with a photo included. Choose a profile photo that speaks to your personality not necessarily a generic business one. Your summary is your professional bio. Use it wisely and creatively to show your personality. Make your headline something eye-catching! It’s the first thing anyone will see about you so make it count.


Claim your URL. This is often overlooked but it’s the difference between you showing up on google as Your Name vs To do this, go to your profile and click “Edit Public Profile & URL”. Select the edit button next to the URL and then type your desired address.


Write your updates into a post. You have 1300 words and longer is better on LinkedIn!


Once you’ve formatted the perfect post that provides value to your readers it’s time to tag people! When you tag someone in a LinkedIn post, their connections and people who follow them will also see that content. Once a
few people engage with the post it’s also seen by those people’s followers and connections.


Use Hashtags to Get Discovered. LinkedIn users can follow a hashtag to get content on that topic in their feed even if they don’t follow specific influencers for that topic. You may have noticed LinkedIn now auto-suggests hashtags when you post an update.


Upload Native Video. In case you forgot, allow us to remind you: video is vital. Like most other social platforms that want to keep you on their network for as long as possible, LinkedIn favors native video over links to external videos. Native video means uploading a video file directly to the platform as opposed to simply sharing the link to a video that is hosted somewhere else, such as YouTube. Use video to stand out and become a LinkedIn legend!

Content Pillars


Record a short video giving an overview of the content you’re sharing.


Share videos of client testimonials.


Review a book or other piece of content and share your review.


Do an overview of a product or platform and share a few tips or tricks.


Create a teaser or trailer to a longer video or episode of a series.