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Do you want to start creating videos but don’t have a professional studio and don’t know how to get started? Being able to make professional YouTube videos from home will be a gamechanger. No more looking for locations or renting out space anywhere. Save time and money by perfecting the ability to create videos from home. You’ll be able to create content faster than ever and speed up on your path to content creation master.


Location is a factor when creating a professional youtube video from home. Taking a video from your bedroom or kitchen table just won’t cut it. Look for somewhere with a nice backdrop and nice colours. Bookshelves, flowers, and art are all good backdrops that don’t kill the professional vibe that you’re looking for.

Make sure the spot that you pick is quiet but also doesn’t have an echo. These hollow-sounding rooms can make it difficult your audio to sound clean and crisp, another important factor I’ll get to later on. 


Lighting is important as well. Ideally, your location has windows for natural lighting. If you don’t have an area with windows, you want to position yourself to that there are 3 points of lights. If you’re not careful with the lighting setup, this could result in shadows being cast on your face which doesn’t create a favourable image. You want to look your best for your video, and good lighting will be your best friend. Here is how to set up your lighting situation:

Key Light

The key light is the main light and is usually the strongest. This light is usually on either side of the camera facing the subject on an angle. This light will have the most influence on how you look. Whether it is natural light or artificial, the colour of the light is important as well, depending on how yellow or white the colour temperature is.

Fill Light

The fill light is placed on the opposite side of the camera than the key light and is supposed to fill in the shadows created by the key light. This light should be softer than the key, however, make sure to play around with the intensity of this light to create the perfect amount of light for your video.

Back Light

The backlight isn’t always necessary but can help differentiate you from your background. This light is placed on an angle behind the subject and provides definition and subtle highlights to you.


A good camera is good to have to create a professional look, but not crucial. Phone cameras are high quality and have the ability to plug a microphone into as well. However, if you plan on making multiple professional videos, we highly recommend you purchasing a nice video camera for the high-quality look that you want to achieve.


Microphones can make or break a professional video. When watching a video the viewer needs to understand what you say, and therefore the audio needs to be crisp and clean. All echos and softness of voice make it that much harder for the viewer to hear and easier for them to look for another video where they can hear better.

There are generally two kinds of microphones to consider. Condenser and Dynamic. Condensers are more expensive and less durable but come with the high quality you would expect. They can pick up higher frequencies and pick up accurate sounds. Dynamic microphones capture louder sounds and are usually seen during live events, concerts and speeches. The great thing about them is the durability and low maintenance.

Regardless of what you film with, whether it’s with your phone or video camera, we recommend purchasing an external microphone and hooking it up to your camera.


Finally, editing software. Recording at home of course also means editing the video yourself. While there are many software out there, both paid and free, make sure you choose the one that has all the features you require. The ability to create intros, transitions and add music and the audio file that your microphone recorded is super important in addition to the video itself.

These are the main things to look for when making professional YouTube videos from home. If you’d like to see how we set up for our YouTube videos, check out our channel!

Let us know if there’s anything we missed that you make sure to do when recording from home in the comment section below!

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