Having .wordpress.com at the end of your URL gives visitors the impression that your website isn’t that serious, so switching to a unique URL is a really great decision.  There are a few scary steps but obviously, we are here to make the process as simple as possible. Here’s how to migrate from wordpress.com to your own domain.

Choose a Host

The first step that you need to take when moving on from your wordpress.com website is to choose a host. Hosts provide the technologies and services to allow your website to be viewed on the internet.

We recommend you choose a host that is recommended by WordPress to ensure a smooth transition and to limit complications. Through this host, you will buy your new domain and set it up with a paid WordPress account.

Downloading your Current Content

Before we move too fast in creating our new site, we need to save all of the content on your current wordpress.com site. 

To do this, we need to export all of the data:

  1. Inside the MySite tab on your current WordPress, click on WP Admin.
  2. Go to Tools Export
  3. Click Start Export
  4. You’ll be asked what you want to export, and you should select All content.
  5. Now you have your data in one file, which we’ll save for later.

Importing your Content

On your new website, you need to import the file that we just downloaded.

  1. Click Tools -> Import
  2. Choose the last option (Install the WordPress Importer)
  3. You’ll get a pop-up for a plugin, which you’ll need to install
  4. Activate this plug-in so that we can import the file we got in step 2
  5. Head to the Import page again and import that file.
  6. When asked to assign authors, you have to choose if you want to change the author of the content you are importing. 

If you’d like your website to be migrated by a team of professionals, Contact the Waves Digital Team or follow the button below!

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Double-Check your Images

Check your Images. Sometimes images for whatever reason get lost in the migration. If all of your images are there, great! If not, all you need to do is download the plugin Import External images.

This plugin examines the code from your website and recognizes if an image is missing but is in the code. The plugin then finds the images and uploads it for you, fixing the issue altogether.

Final Step

Almost there! The only thing left to do is to tell your audience that you have a new URL!

We do recommend setting up a redirect, so if someone goes to your old wordpress.com URL they get redirected to the new one, otherwise you risk losing visitors after your migration.

And there we have it! That’s how to migrate from wordpress.com to your own domain.

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