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Do you want to repurpose your YouTube videos and promote them on YouTube, but are tired of seeing your phone covered in black because of Instagram’s portrait layout? We’ve got you covered. Here is how to convert your YouTube videos for IGTV.

So you’ve just finished recording your YouTube video with a landscape orientation – perfect for YouTube. However, you want to post it to your Instagram IGTV channel and it looks a little bit like this:

IGTV without editing the design

The video takes up just 1/3 of the screen and you know it has more potential to be more effective. You’ve also seen other IGTV posts with full content all around the video filling up the area. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to add content and creative around your video for IGTV:

Create your Design

The first step is to create the design itself. Whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, or a different tool, you want your artboard to be 1080×1920.

Make sure to leave a blank space for where your video will go, so check your recorded video for the size and aspect ratio and blank out space on your canvas.

Now you can design above and below this space. Whether you want to put the video title, logo, campaign name or whatnot. Make sure to not design to close to the top, because the IGTV title will overlay at the beginning of videos as well.

Once you’ve completed your design to your liking, export as an image and we’ll save this for later.

Go to your Video Editor

Now inside your video editor, create a new project and give it the same dimensions as your design (1080×1920).

Import the completed video you made for YouTube, and drag and drop it into the blank space in your design. Make sure that the video is on a layer above the designed background. Now just export the video and you’re almost there!

For our last video, we added the video title above the video and replaced the black with our teal colour. This gives it a more visual appeal on IGTV.

IGTV after editing the background design

Upload to IGTV

On Instagram, just simply upload the video with the designed background to IGTV and you’re all set! You’ve just learned how to convert your YouTube videos for IGTV.

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