Looking to improve your search ranking for your company? In this article, you’ll find the top 5 ways to move your website up the ranks. Let’s jump into it.

Having a good search ranking is paramount to a successful business. Being one of the first clickable searches for people beginning their search for a solution is going to bring you new business. In the manufacturing industry, customers and businesses are often looking for specific products and services. Making sure you’re ranking well for your specific product lines, and solutions is a great benefit.

So, what impacts my search ranking?

Almost every part of your website has a factor in where your website ranks, but among the top factors is security, speed, mobile-friendliness, and optimized content. 

Google wants its users to have good user experiences while on the internet which is why it is ranking fast, mobile-friendly websites higher. Also, if your website hasn’t been looked at by a user experience designer, you should look at having it done. Having great UX isn’t only good for Google, but is going to have your users (customers) having a better experience on your website looking at your products and services. Bad experiences can scare customers away and increase your bounce rate.

So now that you know what to optimize, let’s move on to the top 5 ways to do so.

1. Security

Having a safe and secure website is the first step towards getting ranked. Simply put, an unsecured website won’t be getting ranked very high so this is the first thing that should be done. Google does obviously not like directing its users to websites that have a higher chance of viruses and such.

If your website isn’t secure, then you have more reason than just Google rankings to fix that. Don’t risk your website being hacked and make sure to secure your site FIRST!

2. Page Speed

As of July 2018, page speed began to affect site rankings. This includes both of your desktop and mobile load speeds. To improve your speed, look towards things like the photos on your site. The bigger these assets are the longer it takes to load. The amount of dynamic content your website has will also slow your website down. Find a good balance of animations that catch the users eye and ones that are over the top and are slowing your site down more than they are attracting users.

IF YOU’VE OPTIMIZED ABSOLUTELY EVERY PHOTO AND VIDEO you should run a test! There are tons of free resources that you can use to judge what is slowing down your site. I’ve linked some great ones below.


More often than not, the hidden culprit is your hosting server. Go Daddy may be the most well-known host but it is in no way the fastest. Think about switching hosts to one that’s less crowded for optimal load time.

3. Mobile Friendly-ness

At number 3 we have mobile-friendliness. More people visit websites via mobile in 2019 and for this reason, Google ranks mobile-optimized websites first. Make sure your website can size down for mobile and has readable fonts and accessible menu items. No user wants to load up a website on their phone and see the same desktop website and somehow try and navigate from their phone.

Once again, don’t just do this for Google. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly for your user’s experience as well. Make it easier for your customers to navigate through your website and move closer to the end of their buying process.

4. Content Marketing

Content creation is a great way to improve your rankings. Rankings are based on what users search, so make sure that you are consistently creating new content that includes keywords for the customers you want to attract and the questions that they will be typing into a search engine.

A good way to do this is to publish a weekly blog. This is a lot of new content and gives Google something new to look at each week. It gives you an opportunity to improve your rankings with a wide variety of keywords, or at least the ones you want to write about or rank for. To read more about content marketing, read our blog here.

5. Create Video

There’s a position in Google searches called position zero. This location comes before anything else in the search – before ads and before the top ranking website. This means that you can get seen first simply by putting your content into video form and uploading it to Youtube – which by the way is a search engine in itself! To learn more about video marketing, read our blog here.

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