We’re a full-service digital agency that helps you own your online presence easier, faster, and with the utmost authenticity. We might be full-time web designers, social media pros, and digital strategists by trade, but we’re real people first. We’re your neighbors, your friends, and your coaches.

You can have the website of your DREAMS

You’re an entrepreneur who is looking to take the next big step in your business. The only problem – you don’t have the time to do it yourself or you think you’re not techie enough to create the website you imagine. What now?

The 10 Free Resources You Must Start Using Before Creating Your Website

If you’re not ready to chase your dreams mentally or financially, start here. We created this toolkit to set entrepreneurs up for success and give you the confidence you need to (at least) get started! This toolkit offers the resources we use everyday for picking colours, logos, fonts, graphic design, website building and more!


We’re millennials. We’ve navigated social media from the time we were born and we know just how to manipulate it for different audiences. When you hire us you get a team of professionals with every skillset you may need for your digital transformation. Graphic design, web design, social media managers, photographers and more. That’s something you won’t get when you hire a full-time marketing employee.

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Hey there! Like we said earlier, we are real people before we are marketing experts. We’ve got sports fanatics, real-crime nerds and above-average golfers on our team so come and meet us where we are online, get to know us better and then decide if you’d want to grab a beer with us.

Marie Scholz

Marie Scholz

Founder & Social Specialist

Will Hoff

Will Hoff

Founder & Digital Strategist

Eric Lamoureux

Eric Lamoureux

Account Coordinator

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Why You Should Regularly Update Your Website

Updating your website consistently is absolutely vital to staying relevant in the ever-growing and competitive online market. Here are five ways to do so that we at Waves Digital believe will help you greatly.  1. Visual Appeal  Your website appears as a...

Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2020

Content Marketing Strategies for 2020: It’s 2020 and with the new year comes new strategies that you should implicate to stay on trend with the constantly evolving world of online marketing.  Here are seven of those strategies; our team at Waves Digital believes...

Perfecting Pinterest

Pinterest is the most underrated social media platform ever. The truth is its a huge traffic generator when used correctly and can get your content in front of new audiences. Understand that Pinterest is used as a search engine so you can start to think of it in terms...

The Holy Grail of Instagram

Use #makewaves so that we can see all of your awesome Instagram content. We’re all about creating a tribe over here. Here are FIVE RULES to live by on Instagram to grow your brand and increase your exposure! RULE ONE Always have a plan We know, Instagram is always in...

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is commonly referred to as a strategy, however, at the most basic level it is simply setting yourself up to be recognized by any search engine as relevant to a specific search. What is a Search Engine? A search...
how to create a scrolling website animation

How To Create A Scrolling Website Animation

This is the easiest way to create a scrolling website animation to launch your new website! Recently we redesigned the Waves Digital website and we went to share it on Instagram like this:  http://www.instagram.com/wavesdigitalca After we launched we realized...

How to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement and Generate Leads

Although LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine it is also a place where 260 million users dwell per month, all old enough to assume buying power and autonomy. It’s the most used platform amongst Fortune 500 companies and of the 2 billion Millenials there are global, 87 million...

Blogging for Business

Step your Blog up! We’ve all asked ourselves, “What could I possibly write about?” “Hasn’t everyone already covered these topics?” In reality, the thing about blogging for business is, readers want to hear it from YOU, even if it is covering a topic that your readers...

Build Your Facebook Following

Facebook allows you to schedule your posts up to an entire YEAR in advance! This is a key feature you MUST utilize to build your Facebook following. Posting daily is what we want you to strive for, so spend a little bit of time at the beginning of the week to design...

How to Make Professional YouTube Videos From Home

Do you want to start creating videos but don’t have a professional studio and don’t know how to get started? Being able to make professional YouTube videos from home will be a gamechanger. No more looking for locations or renting out space anywhere. Save time and...

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